Balls! We love them and what a great way to start our round up of our Top 10 Festival Essentials! If you’re going to take a beach ball to a festival, then always make it a watermelon one! Plus, who doesn’t want to say ‘I carried a watermelon?’ Oh yes Baby.


Tropic Like It’s Hot and from what we’ve seen on the news, it’s going to be hot at Glasto this week. Still, makes a change from the mud fest from last year, doesn’t it?


‘Enjoy Every Moment’. Until the moment comes that your mobile phone dies in the middle of the field that is. Carry one of this credit card sized portable chargers and you can not only enjoy every moment, but record it too! Yay.


Did we say it’s going to be hot? Cool yourself off with this cute little Sunnylife pineapple fan!


According to the news, 38 people have collapsed from the heat at Glastonbury. Don’t be one of them. Carry this big old umbrella everywhere you go and throw some shade at yourself. Beach, please.


After listening to all that music, you just don’t want it to stop. Well, don’t let it! Drive everyone mad with these crazy instruments – a pineapple tambourine, watermelon bongos and watermelon maracas! We’ve got a few more here.


Apparently you can dress like a right fool at a festival and nobody cares. With these novelty glasses, you too can look silly and unlike your Guccis, if you tread on these, you can just move on to another pear. Get it? PEAR.


Tents aren’t for everyone, but unless you are a VIP, that’s where your sleeping kid. Why not jazz it up with these totally tropical battery powered lights?


Let’s go fly a kite. Because, when we got to a festival, that’s what we do. #PleaseBeWindy


We’re just going to reiterate our previous warning. It’s going to be hot. DRINK MORE WATER. We’ve added that message to the bottle to really drive it home. And there’s plenty of bottles to choose from here.

Whichever festival you’re going to, we hope these are a source of inspiration to you.

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