As you know, we love a backpack. It’s the only bag where you can be completely handsfree, meaning you can hold more stuff, as such, we’ve created three looks to inspire you…

  1. Fantastic Beasts 

Flying unicorns, magical llamas, rainbows, butterflies and star dust. Let us be your fantasy! We’ll take you higher! Ride the rainbow to school this September. More fantastical beasties can be found here.


2. The Primatey

Monkeys and bananas! Was there ever a better pairing? We’ve gone totally ape over this look, check out the full range here, we just know you’re going to go bananas when you see it.


3. Basic Ink-stinct

Who said basic is boring? Whoever they were, they were totally wrong. A simple metallic covered notebook featuring slogans like ‘Bae’ and ‘Cray Cray’ are a bit more sophist, but still a lot of fun. This is the look for someone who has outgrown a unicorn. (As if anyone ever grows out of unicorns though?!) Check out our 3 for 2 offer here – beautifully basic, but you get one of them free. Winner.


It’s also worth having a look at our bundle offers. As well as 3 for 2, this is another great way to make a saving before you go back to school and that means you can buy more stuff!


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