This Mother’s Day we’re celebrating the very real stories of the fierce, sassy and powerful Mother’s behind historic figures in society.

You might have heard of some of these famous people, but did you know about their mums? Here are some interesting facts about the fierce females in their lives…

Eleanor of Aquitaine (Richard the Lionheart’s Mum)

A powerful woman of her era. She led armies, divorced a King & ruled England for Richard when he was away.

Jane Wilde (Oscar Wilde’s Mum)

She was known for her progressive views & wit. She once said “There is one thing in the world worth living for, & that is sin”.

Alberta Williams King (Martin Luther King’s Mum)

Alberta abhorred racism & belonged to many societies making social & political change, including ones fighting for female empowerment


On Wednesday 7th March we took to the streets of London (in the pouring rain) to celebrate #FierceFemales at Oscar Wilde’s statue, honouring the revolutionary mother that raised him.

Why? Because of the 925 public statues in the UK, only 158 are women and 25 of these are historical non-royal women. So when it comes to history, women didn’t get the attention they deserved.

You’ve all heard of Oscar Wilde, but did you know his mum refused to conform by using her wit to rally against Victorian society? She was also an early advocate of women’s rights and known for her progressive views championing females.

Therefore, to mark International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, we took matters into our own hands and gathered a crowd around Oscar Wilde’s statue, just outside Charing Cross station in Central London, to share Lady Jane Wilde’s story and wish her a very ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.



Let’s celebrate #fiercefemales everywhere. This Mother’s Day, find your Mum a card as fierce as she is! Shop cards here.


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