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Washi tape is one of the most versatile and pretty craft materials around. Surprisingly though, many people just don’t know where to start with using it. Today I’ll share 10 ideas which I really love, quick and easy ways to jazz up everyday objects and get yourself organised (in a less “boring chores” and more “pretty craft” kind of way).

 1. Use Washi Tape to categorise and organise your weekly planner

If you’re anything like me, your “to do” lists drag on and on and you always put the unfun things to the end of the pile. Using Washi Tape you can create a really lovely week planner which is far more pleasing to the eye. For my weekly planner I used the Raindrops Desk Pad

Washi Desk Calendar PC copy

2. Wrap Tape around a glass jar to create a gorgeous little vase

Choosing colours that fit your theme, just wrap them around a glass jar to add a splash of colour. Cluster a few together for table centrepieces or stick to one to add interest to your desk. You can buy these glass jars in packs of 10.


3. Decorate a plain brown box with a patchwork design

The Paperchase Kraft range allows you to personalise items and add your own flair. These boxes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be decorated for gifts or to keep your bits and bobs in. By cutting Washi Tape into little squares I achieved a patchwork quilt design and wrapped it up with some lacy ribbon.


4. Create your own drinks coaster

Using a 10cm wall tile, decorate with Washi Tape to create really fun and colourful drinks coasters. You could try diagonal lines or squares instead of vertical lines for variety. Glue a square of felt on the back and you are all set.




5. Dress your cake with some mini bunting

Even the most homemade-looking cake can turn into a show-stopper in minutes with some pretty bunting to give it a party feel. So simple, just fold the tape over a string and snip the bunting into a shape you like, then glue the ends of the string to tooth picks or a halved wooden skewer.


6. Stripy personalised pencil

Never get your pencil nicked again! Wrap it up in Washi stripes to create a pretty and personal pencil for your desk. And it’s a proven fact (well … not really) – using your new flashy pencil will increase your inspiration and make even the dullest of tasks appealing!


7. Decorate your tea lights to suit your colour scheme

Rather than buying tea light holders, decorate the tea lights themselves. Wrap a small piece of tape around your tea lights and change the look in seconds. A fantastic way to make something very pretty for pennies.




8. Jazz up a boring frame

Either give an old frame a new lease of life or add interest to a plain or cheap photo frame. Washi can add colour to your wall and unlike paint, it comes off so easily that you can change it whenever it takes your fancy. Don’t have a frame? Create your own by sticking photographs onto plain card and using Washi Tape to add a colourful strip around the edges.



9. Decorate a plain notebook

Also in the Kraft range at Paperchase, you can buy these neutral books. Then choosing your favourite Washi Tape, decorate it to represent a style and look that shouts “you”.


10. Turn boring straws into something more appealing

Got a party to organise and can’t stretch the budget? Use jam jars with a strip of Washi around the top and wrap Washi at an angle around plain old cheap straws. Then use them to add colour to cocktails and drinks.



I hope you enjoyed this post and it’s got you thinking about all the wonderful things you can do with Washi Tape. For more ideas and inspiration, visit the Paperchase Pinterest Page (101 Uses of Craft Tape). It doesn’t quite have 101 things on it yet but is a very good place to start!

Our guest blogger today is Tia Miller from A Crafty Alternative.

A Crafty Alternative is a London-based company running modern-day craft workshops for people wanting to make their homes gorgeous, but without the hefty price tag. The business is owned by Tia Millar, craft fanatic and mum to a very energetic toddler!  Aside from designing the classes and teaching, Tia writes the blog and is very involved in all sorts of crafty endeavours including foraging and making things from stuff found in skips or offered on freecycle!


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