Into the trees we go with our range Woodland Tails, aptly titled because this range is filled with cute characters all with tails and we expect many tales to tell. One question remains though… how did that polar bear come to live in our neighbourwood?

We love the organic feel of this range – all hand drawn, with juicy pops of colour fills, featuring a selection of materials, such as brown kraft paper, cream linen and cosy knits. It’s a real mix of child friendly animal-shaped erasers, & cheeky bookmarks, but there are some very grown up, if quirky, pieces too. Such as the plate below, owl candle and polar bear frame, which would look pretty good in any living room or bedroom.


Set of 4 Erasers £4, iPhone 5 Case £12, Bear Photo Frame 4×4″ £12, Large Kraft notebook £10, Stainless Steel Flask £12, Fine Porcelain Plate £8.50, Cosmetic Case £10, Glasses Case £8.50, Owl Shaped Candle £8, Passport Holder £7.50, Stationery Set £6

Now, can we just talk about these bookmarks? These come with our Set of 3 Woodland Tails Exercise Books and are a super-fun way of holding your last page so you can easily start where you left off. We mean literally – these forest creatures grip your place with their paws. Aw, cute.


Gifts galore – highlights include knitted hand warmers – you’ll be needed those soon, pretty saddle bag, a pre-wrapped soap perfect gifting fodder and those erasers, which potentially may never get used, but displayed around the house leaping and walking across your desk. Just us?


There is a bounty of stationery in this range! A sheer plethora of notebooks and journals, pencil cases, pens and what is that you spy stood proudly on that notebook? Why, it’s a bear USB stick of course. Well, this is the modern age after all, but again… we really think this little fellow is lost.


There is an air of Alice in Wonderland about this rabbit teapot – let’s hope he’s not late for the mad hatters tea party eh? No, that would never do.


Shop the full range here and as ever, we’ve got some budget friendly options too – if you were planning to buy a selection from the range, why not save at the same time? Oooh, we’re always so good to you.


Luggage Set £38, Stationery Set £15, Scrapbooking Set £15

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