We are encouraging you all to take a break from tech this month and swap your daily scroll for the more classic paper scroll. We all know that too many digital influences in your life can increase anxiety, affect your self esteem and reduce productivity. We have teamed up Jodi Bickley, the author of one million lovely letters, to remind you all how good it feels to be someones (or your own) pen pal.



Author Jodi’s message highlights how much a kind letter from a friend, or a stranger, can really help bring a sense of worth and even a smile to someone who is struggling. Jodi’s personal story is an inspiring, uplifting and meaningful one. She’s kindly allowed us to take some exerts from her newest book ‘Write a Letter’ to give you all a starting point for your letters to yourself, or someone else.


The only tools you need for this task are:


The first letter we are trying is ‘To Your Fears’. They say that the best way to beat a fear is to face it, but for many people, that’s just not an option. Take a step in the write (get it) direction by addressing your fears on paper.




The next thing we are trying is telling the truth. It may sound simple, but we all fall in to telling so many white lies each day.

‘Yeah I’m on my way’

‘I can’t come I’m busy’

‘Sorry, my trains delayed’

‘Yeah, I’ve done it, I’ll send it to you now’

Are things that regularly come out of all of our mouths that we don’t really mean. In an effort to become more honest, we’ve got a prompt for you.




Nostalgia is a beautiful thing. We all have a place, or a person, that we think of and it makes us feel calm. Think of that place and write down how you feel about it and what emotions that are connected to it. Relive those memories through your words and take a 15 minute holiday to your special place.




Guilt is an emotion that can really take control of your mind, so be kind to yourself and work out a way to forgive. If you have a safe space where you can honestly say how you feel about yourself it allows you to address those things and work your way through them.




You’ll never experience your first crush a second time. Normally lots of things get left unsaid when it all comes crashing down, but here is your space to rectify that! Say all the things you’ve wanted to for years in your own love language.


We would love to see your letters if you want to share them, so tag us @frompaperchase or #frompaperchase and we will share as many as we can!


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